Company Profile

aboutBETELCARE Sdn Bhd was formed in May 1984. It’s manufacturing facility is located in the industrial region of Kapar, Selangor Darul Ehsan, West Malaysia. We are one of the leading manufacturer of consistent  good quality gloves to medical, dental and other industries for over 15 years.


At BETELCARE Sdn Bhd we recognize that the quality of our service is directly  related to the quality of our employees hence our quality management system is heavily geared towards providing extensive training for all levels of employees within our company.


More than just an award, ISO 9002 is the foundation for the Companys on-going mission to improve quality standards continuously in all areas of performance. BETELCARE Sdn Bhd aims for the highest standards in both product quality  and customers service, striving to achieve complete customer and consumer satisfaction


This Certification is another commitment from all of  us to serve our customers with top consistent latex gloves. We will continue to be guided by the management principles of Quality and with our vast experience in this field we shall strive for new product innovation, efficiency and most of all improvements in the production of latex examination gloves.